Pregnancy, Breastfeeding, Nutrition, Support.

Professional care from conception to lactation and beyond through nutrition, childbirth and nursing education, community classes and personalised support.

Childbirth Education

Childbirth education for home birthing families.

This childbirth class is for those choosing to birth at home, topics we will cover include water birth, setting up the pool, sensation management techniques, supporting your partner, the first latch and your 4th trimester and much more.

Lactation Education

We offer both prenatal and post birth nursing education classes for families and they are our favourite community events! Join us for a 4 hour class that includes lunch. We cover everything from your first latch after birth, what to expect the first few days and how to move forward with confidence over the next few years as well as our most frequently asked questions. 

Culinary Nutrition Classes

We teach a variety of classes that include:

  • Nutrition for pregnancy
  • Healthy recipes class for the 4th trimester
  • Snacks and one handed for the breastfeeding parent.
  • Nutritious recipes for the busy family
  • Nut milks and dips: How to get eating healthy

We also do a personalised home visits to help you organise your pantry and replace some old habits with some new favourites.

Doula Services

Our Doula package includes:

  • meet and greet.
  • 2 prenatal visits, including one home visit, birth role play and planning.
  • TENS/ Rebozo/ Book loan
  • 9-5 anytime text
  • 2 weeks on-call service
  • 1 postpartum nutritious meal
  • 1 special homemade goodbye sweet treat for your Midwife.
  • 1 postpartum check in and goodbye visit

Doula services are by referral only.

Childbirth Education Classes

Find out more about our Home Birth Education classes. Learn everything you need to know about preparing for baby and birthing at home.

Lactation Education Workshops

We love working with prenatal and new families, listening to your goals and giving you resources to make the right decisions for your families.

Culinary Nutrition Classes

Find out more about our amazing Culinary Nutrition classes. Classes are nights & weekends to fit your busy schedule. We love to cook, create and share.

“As soon as I met Jenna for that first tea and walk by the beach, we connected so well that I knew I wanted her support for our family birth. She was a calm and positive rock throughout the night and made both myself and partner feel cared for during our birthing. Then as soon as our baby was born, she switched modes, she made me an amazing cinnamon tea to drink right after the birth of my placenta, made both my partner a warm meal, cleaned the house and made sure we were comfortable in bed with our new love (She even labelled and put my placenta in the fridge) before she quietly left us to bond as a new family. It was perfect. Then she came a week later for our “Goodbye visit” with some of her AMAZING food!! She is a part of our family, I still send her pictures of C a year after the birth!” -Xx